Captain America Porcelain Shield Collection (Marvel Comics) FULL BOX by Toy Sapiens

Toy Sapiens

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[Size] Height approx. 10 cm

[1 box] 8 pieces

All types are available in one box.

[Accessories (accessories)] Stand

Product introduction
The second original project of Hot Toys' flagship store "Toy Sapiens"! Captain America's shield is about 10 in height. The "Poserin Shield Collection" series, which is three-dimensionalized with centimeter porcelain, is now available! "Marvel Comic" is now available! All original items by "Toy Sapiens" are "By Japan, For Japan. By Japanese staff." , It is a well-thought-out project for Japanese fans. Starting with the first "Heroic Hand", we have developed a unique and fresh lineup that crosses the feeling of US toys and Japanese miscellaneous goods. The point is that it is easy to add to any collection. The second "Porcelain Shield Collection" is a series that reproduces various Captain America shields with porcelain. It is a collector-friendly item that allows you to collect a large number of shields, including a rare three-dimensional version. The shield of Captain America that appeared in "Marvel Comics" is three-dimensionalized with a total height of about 10 cm! The surface is printed using glossy porcelain. There are 8 types in the lineup, including "Silver Age", "Avengers # 4", and "Secret Wars: Civil War". It comes with a special stand that you can lean against and decorate. The package is a blind box specification that you can enjoy the excitement of not knowing what is inside.
Lineup (8 types in total)

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