Bad Idea Comics

Stop! Listen – do you hear that?



Yes, yes, our power grows! Listen! 


You hear it now, don't you? That's the sound of a multitude of new destination stores entering Bad Idea's comics self-distribution system! 

As we absorb their power, Bad Idea can feel its deltoids swelling with new retail partners that will have the duty – nay, privilege – of carrying our hotly anticipated new comic book series in 2021 and beyond.

Earlier this year, we told you that Bad Idea was a dangerously unruly and equally experimental new comic book publisher with one straightforward mission: Monthly comic books, sold exclusively in comic book stores. No digital releases. No trade paperbacks or hardcovers. And no variant covers, either. Just super high-quality comics packed from cover to cover with audaciously entertaining storytelling in a single sharp-looking package.

And, because we'll never publish more than two issues in a given month, every single issue we produce has to look and feel special. To that end, we’ve been tinkering away on books with enormously extra-long page counts, surprise guest appearances by some of your favorite artists, and even standalone bonus stories in EVERY issue we publish. Because we like comics and think if you’re going to sink your bucks into one of ours, it should be awesome.

But there’s one catch, you see: BAD IDEA’s new releases won’t be available everywhere all at once. From the get-go, BAD IDEA has always intended to self-distribute its titles to a carefully selected roster of friendly neighborhood comic shops with the grit and vision to do things “the Bad Idea way.”

Please note all of these products are strictly limited to one copy per subscriber. Details and pricing are subject to change.

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