The Lot #1

The Lot 1

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** RENATO GUEDES (artist/cover) **
** ON SALE JULY 2021 **
In 1970, legendary filmmaker Oliver Larsen began production on his latest horror masterpiece on the lot of Los Angeles famed Cloverleaf Studios. Obsessed with bringing authenticity to the genre, the director insisted on casting real-life occultists to perform a genuine Satanic ritual live on camera until something went horribly wrong. In the bloody aftermath, the production was shut down, the footage was confiscated, and the soundstage was forever shuttered.
Until today.
On the heels of a promotion thats just made her the youngest studio chief in decades, Aviva Copeland is planning to overhaul Cloverleafs fading image for the 21st century starting with the prime piece of California real estate thats gone unused for 50 years: the very same lost soundstage where Larsen filmed his doomed masterpiece. But, as Aviva will soon discover, this corner of the lot may have been closed for a half-century, but its far from emptyand the evil that lives within its haunted walls will soon seize its chance to kill again.
New York Times best-selling writer Marguerite Bennett (Animosity, A-Force) and artist Renato Guedes (DCeased: Hope at Worlds End) present a terrifying vision of horror and Hollywood in the boldly bloody Bad Idea manner!