Batman: Urban Legends #12

Batman: Urban Legends #12

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Batman: Urban Legends #12

Written by Vita Ayala, Mark Russell, Ram V, and Mohale Mashigo, Art by Nikola ?ižmešija, Karl Mostert, Anand Radhakrishnan, and Mohale Mashigo

Cover by Karl Mostert and Trish Mulvihill

Variant Covers by Jorge Molina and Anand Radhakrishnan

$7.99 US | 64 pages | Prestige
ON SALE 2/8/22

Ace the Bat-Hound is locked away in a secret lab run by super-villains! Batman and Zatanna have to pick up the pieces after a magical catastrophe. Wight Witch and Ghost-Maker meet students of their sensei they never knew. Eternity’s crimes hit home.

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