Justice League Incarnate #4 (of 5)

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Justice League Incarnate #4 (of 5)

Written by Joshua Williamson and Dennis Culver, Art by Chris Burnham and Andrei Bressan, Cover by Gary Frank

Variant Cover by Jorge Fornés

$4.99 US | 40 pages | 4 of 5 | $5.99 US Variant (Card Stock)
ON SALE 2/1/22


Doctor Multiverse discovers there is a threat greater than Darkseid! Is the Justice League Incarnate’s only option to work with the Lord of Apokolips? Meanwhile, on Earth-7, Orion and Aquawoman lead the rest of the team to gain control of the Oblivion Engine! But by the time this issue is over…a member of Justice League Incarnate meets their end!