Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace Vol. 2 TP

Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace Vol. 2 TP

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Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace Vol. 2 TP

Written by Liz Erickson, Ivan Cohen, Amanda Diebert, Danny Lore, Andrew Wheeler, Andrea Shea, Cavan Scott, Bryan Edward Hill, Tim Seeley, Dan Abnett, Josh Trujillo, and Christos N. Gage

Art by Jose Luis, Pop Mhan, Aaron Lopresti, Maria Laura Sanapo, Paul Pelletier, Isaac Goodhart, Andrea Broccardo, V. Kenneth Marion, Tom Derenick, Hendry Prasetya , and Neil Edwards

Cover by Simone Di Meo

$19.99 US | 200 pages | 6 5/8? x 10 3/16? | Softcover
ISBN: 978-1-77951-509-4
ON SALE 3/22/22

Wonder Woman soars into new adventures in Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace Vol. 2.

Collecting chapters 12-23 of the digital series, the Amazon Princess leaps into action around the globe. Whether it is teaming up with Zatanna on the Las Vegas Strip or working with The Cheetah to take down poachers in Africa, Wonder Woman never wavers in her quest for peace!